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Samsung shows 4 GB SSD Flash for Vista. Ready to replace HDDs!

Samsung announced that a 4GB solid state disk (SSD), now being readied for production, will also serve as a high speed NAND flash cache for notebooks and PCs.

The device - compatible with Windows ReadyBoost, a new Windows Vista feature that uses flash memory to improve system responsiveness - enables users to experience a faster transfer rate from frequently used applications. The Windows ReadyBoost feature of the Windows Vista operating system will intelligently populate the SSD with the data a user needs before they ask for it. When a user requests that data, rather than being limited to servicing 100-200 requests per second (as with a traditional HDD), Samsung's SSD can service up to 5000 request per second, virtually eliminating data seek delays.

"By caching Hard Drive data using Samsung's flash SSD and the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, a typical user will see performance gains that will make working with their PC lightning fast," said Don Barnetson, Director, Flash Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Samsung Solid State Disk is designed in 2.5 inch, and working at 5V. With IDE, it supports ATA5 Ultra speed with DMA Mode 4 66MHz. By the automatic compression of ReadyBoost, data stored in Solid State Disk actually may as high as 8GB.

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