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The P-ISM pen from NEC writes, projects, scans, and more

Big deal, so you've got yourself a spiffy-looking pen. I don't care if it coated in platinum or white gold, because all it will ever be able to do is scribble on a piece of a paper. The P-ISM "pen-style personal networking gadget package" from NEC does much more than just write. For starters, it can project a virtual keyboard for use with PDAs and other handheld devices. It'll provide you with a glowing red set of QWERTY-fied goodness on whatever desk you happen to be sitting at... but wait, there's more.

The P-ISM, of course, can still do "hand-writing data input functions", but it also includes a very small projector, a camera scanner, and a personal ID key "with cashless pass function." You can even use the P-ISM, apparently, to connect to the internet using the cellular phone function. Wow! Will it do my taxes too?


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