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Since I last posted there was a simple change to prevent things from working. Here is the new method that is working fine! There is only one change to it, and that is the subject line entry.

I have found an updated method so use it now before they shut the door on these older methods posted below. Since Yahoo uses a Wallet system for buying things at some Yahoo stores, and signing up for Yahoo services like their personals the Wallet system is vunerable. If we are lucky this method will work for a few days until someone uncovers this post at Yahoo since they actively search for such posts to improve security. This email address that you need to is used by law enforcement / FBI / other and not used to confuse the server as other methods do. This is it to check for unlawful activity, such as a stolen cards being used on Yahoo before the credit card company posts it as stolen, which can take up to 3 days for those not in the know. It can also help track unlawful activity. IT IS SAFE! GET THE SUBJECT LINE RIGHT AND YOU WILL NOT BE IN DANGER OF GETTING CAUGHT! I CAN PROMISE THIS! I have used this method 3 times over 3 months and haven't been caught yet and have gotten over 62,000 card numbers and card users information. I have a friend who works the police department as a fraud investigator, he is not a cop, he also works for some insurance companies. I was house sitting for him and playing on his computer, looking through files and such and found out about this No Joke! I had to hack the file lock password whihc was surpisingly easy to get this information. Lucky me he actually labled the file credit-card-information-retrieval-yahoo-server.doc! He had other ones as well for other services I have yet to use. One of the neat things about this is that Yahoo checks the users balance / limit of the card. Don't ask me why but I get each users CC limit with the information. If you are wondering why I am sharing this with you it is because I already have tons of numbers and just did my last hack into the system. I haven't checked to see how many new numbers I got but I know it is alot from the size of the files returned.

Warning!!! If you do not do things exactly you can be tracked and caught, the most important aspect is getting the subject line right!! Just cut and paste what I have down there to becareful, the spacing isn't important, but the content of the subject line is since it spoofs and IP address and doesn't use yours, or your internet services name! Your email account must be able to handle large files as the return mail you get will be in 4 parts each around 5 megabytes. It will only return new Yahoo wallet users for the last 4 days. Even if you can only get one file because you email space is limited you will get a ton of numbers.

The Police have all been issued fake but vaild cards numbers and information so the system information when checked checks this information and can return information in the same format. This is why you need a vaild card and information. Without this server will deny your request and you will not get anything emailed to you. For some reason using an credit that isn't issued to U.S. billing address won't work either. I tried one I had hacked from a web site from England and I know it was a good card and information but I didn't get anything back from Yahoo Wallet Services. I then used my own information and BINGO! Got back a ton of numbers and its users complete information.

You will need 4 things.

1.) A valid Credit Card number and expiration date.
2.) Its CCV2 code, the 3 or 4 digit number on the back of the card after the CCard number.
3.) The name on the card and real billing address and phone number of account holder.
4.) The issueing party, if it is a debit check card the bank name or if it is a City Card or Bank of America, I am sure you know what I mean.

If the information isn't valid / real you won't get anything back from Yahoo as I stated before because the server checks it against the issueing banks information. I tried using some fake information and it just woudn't work and I couldn't get any non United States issued credit cards to work either even though I knew all the information was right on the money.

Now please follow these steps exactly! I mean exactly and use the correct case letters and spaces! If you don't it eactly could tip off Yahoo early and spoil it for everyone.

Ok here are the steps.

1.) send email to

2.) make sure this is exact use the correct brackets, not [ but { and in the subject line write
mask=ip- state=ILLINOIS county=CHAMPAIGN badge=7836
and that is all. Make sure the words are upper case letters.

This uses some Perl Variables that tells the mail server to mask your IP address from the server, it will not be stored or displayed, so there is no way for it to me tracked back to you. Returns a email with information to your email address. The request method gets you the information, and the county and badge thing is just to check for a valid badge number in the Champaign. FYI no two states have the same county name in them. This means Champaign can only be found in one state. I got the number from an officer there. just memorized a few officers badge numbers.

3 and 4 all on one line
3.) Remember spacing is important as it casing.
NAME=enter the card holders name exactly as shown on card in loer case letters then hit tab, or 4 spaces
CARDTYPE= enter visa, master card, amx, discover, novus, they will ask for this again for some dumb reason, then goto the next line this is all the information needed for this line

4.) ISSUING_BANK= in lower case place the card issuers name, like bank one, bank of america, mbna or if a check card the issuing banks name goto next line

5 through 7 all one on 1 line
5.) CN= enter the card number, no spaces tab or 4 spaces

6.) CCEXP= the cards expiration date format example 07/08 tab or 4 spaces

7.) CVV2= the CVV2 code on the back of the card as explained. Got next line.

8.) CHECK_CARD= if it is visa check card or other check card type YES in upper case, if not type NO in upper case. Goto next line.

9.) TYPE= the credit card type, visa, master card, and so on. Don't ask me why they ask for the card type twice but they do.

10.) BILLING_ADD= type in the correct billing address all in lower case. street and address, city, state, zip code then goto the next line.

11.) AC_Phone= the format is 111-111-1111 this the a phone number that is connected to the billing address. goto next line.

12.) STOLEN= type in NO in upper case, if you type yes it will send your card information to a reporting service and you won't be able to use your card at many sites.goto next line.

13.) SEARCH_ACTIVE= type in NO in upper case or it will only send you back a report for this card number showing no Yahoo activity unless you have been using you card through Yahoo Wallet. goto next line.

14.) SHOW_ACTIVE= type in ALL in upper case as this will tell the server to send you all active card numbers from the last 4 days. Goto next line.

15.) RETURN_TO={EMAIL_ADDRESS} this send all the all information back to you in a text file in the same format you just sent the information and then double line breaks before the next users information is given. Do Not Enter Your Email Address Here! The Server will do that for you as it processes things.

16.) END_STOP tells the mail server to stop when compete and and the mail with users information is sent to you.

this is an example of what need to send and you can cut and paste the format to the email and replace what needs to be replaced with the correct information.

3 and 4 all on one line

NAME=david g millhouse CARDTYPE=visa
CN=111111111111111 CCEXP=07/08 CVV2=011
BILLING_ADD=3044 n. shore dr., somecity, wi, 11111

If you do as I have instructed you will be emailed back 3 or 4 files around 5 megabytes in size with several thousand CC numbers and account holder information over the next 20 minutes. The information you get back will be in the format like you entered as far as format goes with users complete information and at the end the users spending limit, or per day limit. No CCV1 information though which would be nice so we could create fake ATM / Credit Cards with a magetic card programmer to use to get cash right away. CCV1 also stores the pin number on the magnetic strip on the card.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the numbers sparingly! Don't over use them! Remember high end spending not in a account holders normal realm of spending can put a hold on a card, as can mutiple purchases made in a short period of time. Small amounts are best, and may even go un-noticed by the card holder.

Most of all be careful, use public access internet terminals like the library, or someone elses computer when making purchases online.


Blogger Big Poppa Sausage said...

I don't know why I'm bothering to do this because whoever falls for this is stupid enough to get their ID stolen.

Whoever came up with this registered the address themselves and now they're just waiting for the CC#s to start rolling in.

Friday, 11 August, 2006  
Blogger Big Poppa Sausage said...

This is like the internet version of the "wallet inspector"

Friday, 11 August, 2006  

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