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Like Zoom? How about 13.4 Gpixel photo?

So you find images from your new 10 Megapixel shooter clear, well here is a glimpse of the future. The above video is of 13.4 Gigapixel photo. 1 Gigapixel = 1000 Megapixels or 1 billion pixels. The photo is of Harlem, New York city, no matter where you zoom in, it's always crystal clear. It can clearly depict a person's face 20 miles away. I wonder how much RAM the computer is having. - Watch more free videos



Blogger Jonderson said...

It all looks blurry to me. How smart is it to try to show how clear something is through a medium that makes everything look blurry? Just link to the photo/source site and quit wasting bandwidth.

Monday, 03 September, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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