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MugMouse: drink coffee from your mouse...

In this jet age where everything is revolved around speed and the pace at which thing work its refreshing to see that some people actually want to slow things down and smell the coffee. Take the case of this amusing invention called the MugMouse. It has been deliberately created as “ SLOWEB peripherals that aims to provide an alternative to the fast global flow of information and is concerned with rhythms of consumption.” Well in layman’s terms it’s just a coffee mug that doubles up as a computer mouse. It works on infrared and it connected by USB cable. You click by pushing the whole mug towards the table, as the bottom the mug is a mouse button. Holding 150 ml of your favorite hot drink (and keeping it that way via a heater), this mug could be the next best thing for those who are content with the slow speed of this mouse.

Though still in a conceptual stage the practicality of the MugMouse is rather questionable, for I’m sure sooner or later there will be coffee spill all over the desks!



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